Born William Perry Jones II. His Dad wanted him to be called Perry because he was Perry Sr. He was born & raised in St. Paul, MN. As a little boy, he loved to draw everything. Perry was put in art school around the age of seven.  He got introduced to modeling from a lady friend in his early 20’s. The Photographer thought he had a nice look. For the next 12 years, he did Print Ads for Target, Fingerhut, Best Buy, Tetris & Best Buy Commercials, Fruit of the Looms, Select Comfort and many more Ads that would be shown around the world.  At the same time, Perry also did some acting in Hollywood with roles on ER, Veronica’s Closet, Jag, Ally McBeal, NYPD Blue, David Spade Show and more. He was featured in print for Nike with Basketball Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett. He got his start in runway and wedding expos in 2003 modeling for Valentino and more.


Perry moved out west to Arizona in 2007.  After a few years of styling & personal shopping for locals & co-workers, Perry knew there was a higher calling.  Late in 2010, he got his business Perry Jones II LLC going; But did not officially start advertising his Perry Jones II Paris Homme Collection brand for another 6 months. After a couple of years of going back and forth from Arizona to Florida to promote his business even putting it off so he can focus on putting the right team around him, Perry settled back in Arizona and started focusing his time & energy on the LA market particularly the Celebrities and people in the know. Perry’s client list grew more and more, once he started going out to the Los Angeles area in 2014 consistently.  He eventually moved out to the LA area in the Spring of 2016. Celebrity clients that Perry has designed suits for, are Grammy Award winner Skip Martin from The Dazz Band & Kool and the Gang. Actors Sean Faris, Andrew Keegan and Patrick Faucette from the show “The Haves and the Have Nots.” He also styled him in 2016 for the Oscars. Actors Geno Segers & Vincent Ward from the show “The Walking Dead.” His Garments have been Nominated for best dressed on the BET Awards Show in 2015 with Supermodel/Actor/Rapper Sam Sarpong wearing his suit on the Red Carpet & also hosting the show giving out an Award on stage.  Actress Lala Milan of “Boomerang” wore his Women’s Tux on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in May of 2019. Perry also had his suits worn by Actor Darius McCrary from “Family Matters” in his video in 2017.  Articles written about his brand has been featured in LA Weekly, California Apparel News, Los Angeles Post, Latino Weekly, and many more. Magazines he has been featured in, Elements Magazines, IHeart Entertainment, Boss Mann Magazine & Cool Singapore Magazine. His brand is currently at the California Market Center(CMC) in DWTN LA. PR Sandra's Showroom C420. Perry’s future projects consist of having his own Fashion Shows in the Pasadena, L.A. Areas in the next couple of years. Perry is currently working on several stores to carry his Brand.


Perry Jones II loves to give back to Charity as he has done shows for the Epilepsy Foundation, High School Proms, speaking at High Schools & Elementary Schools as well as donating to the Goodwill & Salvation Army. He also teaches models that it’s more than the walk & clothes itself. Looking right is the part of life.  His Motto in life is “Let the glow shine from within!” It's because You make the clothes, not the clothes make you. The clothes look great; But what makes them great are the ones in them! Fashion starts from the inside out." He stresses that Style is your Success!

"Let the glow shine from within! It's because You make the clothes, not the clothes make you. The clothes look great; But what makes them great are the ones in them! Fashion starts from the inside out"